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Nick Misiti Notarios

In Latin America, a notario is considered a highly skilled attorney. However, in the United States, a notary is simply a person with the legal capacity to witness and certify documents, affidavits, etc. Although notaries public often times refer to themselves as immigration consultants or immigration specialists, they are actually unlicensed legal advisers. These individuals […]

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Nick Misiti Explains How to Secure a Reasonable Immigration Bond

The controversial Secure Communities program has been expanded to New York.  The program requires local jails to match fingerprints against a federal immigration database. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) then has the local jails detain people they think may be in the country without authorization, while it decides whether to proceed with deportation/removal proceedings. This […]

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Nicklaus Misiti on VAWA

The Violence Against Women Act protects battered and abused immigrants from their abusers. Immigrant victims of child abuse, domestic violence, or elder abuse can “self-petition” for lawful permanent resident status without the cooperation of the abuser. Upon approval, the petitioner receives work authorization and the ability to apply for lawful permanent residency. To be eligible […]

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