Nick Misiti Notarios

In Latin America, a notario is considered a highly skilled attorney. However, in the United States, a notary is simply a person with the legal capacity to witness and certify documents, affidavits, etc. Although notaries public often times refer to themselves as immigration consultants or immigration specialists, they are actually unlicensed legal advisers.

These individuals usually entice desperate immigrants by charging less than a real attorney and promising miracles. While notarios may charge their clients lower fees than qualified immigration attorneys, they oftentimes file frivolous paperwork or in some cases, never file the application. Dishonest “notarios” have increasingly become a serious problem due to their deceitful advertisements and unethical practices. However, many times they never provide the assistance they were paid to provide. Instead, victims not only lose their money and permanently lose opportunities to pursue immigration relief because a notario has damaged their case but some immigrants also face deportation as a result.

Sadly, notario fraud is not usually identified until after the damage is done. Anyone seeking assistance with an immigration case should be very careful not to become a victim of notario fraud. Only a licensed lawyer or accredited representative is authorized and qualified to assist you with your immigration case. While notarios may claim to be a cost-effective alternative to a licensed attorney, using their services can end up costing more in the long run.

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